Project Reinvest: Homeownership Down Payment Assistance

Qualified homebuyers can receive a loan for $10,500 in down payment assistance to buy Minneapolis and Saint Paul homes.

A bigger down payment saves you money every month.


NeighborWorks Home Partners is proud to be a provider of Project Reinvest: Homeownership Down Payment Assistance (DPA.) If you are a qualified buyer, you can receive a loan of $10,500 to be used toward a down payment on a home in Minneapolis or Saint Paul. The loan does not have any monthly payments and does not accrue interest, and is paid back when you sell the home. This may reduce the amount of the principal on your primary mortgage, so your monthly payments may be lower.


How do I qualify?

  • Qualified buyers must have an annual income that is at or below 100% of the area median income. (AMI.)  For a family of two, the limit is $75,500. View the full chart.
  • Homes must be within city limits of Minneapolis or Saint Paul.
  • Buyers must get their primary mortgage through a Project Reinvest-certified loan officer at an approved lender.
  • Homebuyer Education: Buyers participating in Project Reinvest: Homeownership are also required to take 8 hours of homebuyer education from an approved provider.   Those who take online education must also complete a one-hour in-person appointment.
  • If you are buying a duplex, triplex, or four-plex, you must also take Landlord Education.

If you do not currently have a mortgage pre-approval, please contact us to learn more about mortgages that may be available for you.


What do I need to get started?

Your loan officer will submit your application for you. Your primary mortgage must be with one of these approved providers and your loan officer must be certified for this program. Please let your loan officer know you are interested in Project Reinvest: Homeownership DPA.  Please allow 30 days to close from the time your application is submitted.

Once your application has been received, your loan officer will contact you for any additional documents we need.

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