HR 97

  • Fannie Mae
    • Fannie Mae product
  • Minimum FICO:  640
  • Max LTV of 97% 
  • 1 units only
  • Reduced Mortgage Insurance
  • Home Ready product:
    • No first-time homebuyer requirement
    • Homeownership counseling required on HomeReady program 
      • Follow FNMA require​ments​
      • Borrower may own other property at the time of closing
      • Income limits apply(80% of AMI)(search AMI by county)
  • 3.5% assistance (rounded to the next highest dollar – do not round down) of the lower of the purchase price or appraised value
    • Repayable 2nd, 10-year term
    • Interest rate is 2% higher than 1st lien rate
    • 0.5% of assistance can be used towards closing costs

Example Programs by Credit Score

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FHA 100 Down

Good Neighbor Next Door


DPA Edge


Rate Advantage

HR 97

Standard 97

HFA Preferred Startup

HFA Preferred Stepup

HFA Advantage Startup

HFA Advantage Stepup


FHA Startup 650

FHA Stepup 650


Springboard FMHR

Springboard FM over95-97

Springboard FM under-95 LTV


FAHE FM over95-97

FAHE FM under-95 LTV

DPA Edge DTI-over-50-percent

FHA Startup 660

FHA Stepup 660



HFA Preferred Risk Sharing


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and may not be available in all states. All products are subject to credit & property approval. and is not affiliated with any government agency.